Build trust backed up by results

We think that trust is the base of any successful collaboration and reaching the best results for any work we do. Having this in mind, we keep you in the loop at every stage of the development process, presenting you the possibilities for your product as we try to understand better the product’s business field.

Our vast experience in creating products for many distinct business fields and using different technologies enables us to follow our mission points and provide the best services to build trust backed up by delivered products.

Offer different solutions

Each software system is unique, but it can be implemented using different tech stacks. FIT software team will always provide reliable advice to choose a set of technologies based on system requirements and offer the insights regarding pros and cons for each set of technologies.

Always deliver on time

Always keeping the promises we make is at the core of our mission. We always commit to a specific delivery time and always keep the promise.

Understand customer's business

Keeping in touch with the purpose of the system that needs to be build helps us focus on the main features and important aspects of the system that need to be considered. This approach gives us the possibility to offer reliable consulting services.

The three mission points are tightly related and depend on one another in order to achieve the goal of our vision to build up customer trust based on the delivered results.


A company means, in its essence, its people. Especially in high value-added fields, like software development, the professional quality of the staff involved is essential.

From general to particular, our company benefits of all prerequisites in order to provide services and products at highest quality.

The context: our managing partners and our staff as well are formed and have professionally evolved in Romania, a country which is known as one of the most competitive and valuable suppliers of software experts in the world.

In particular: the founders of FIT Software, Iulia Abramov and Alin Burtumac, are experienced professionals whose know-how and experience is a guarantee of the software development services we deliver to our customers.

Iulia Abramov and Alin Burtumac, the managing partners, have together over 35+ years experience in software development and worked for over 20 clients and projects.

Iulia Abramov


Business Development Manager and Senior Software Architect with 10+ years of experience

During her experience, she created and worked on various software systems that ranged from small solutions to years-long operational projects. She is focused on a professional technical approach which she acquired working as part of a team and by further development on her own.

“My curiosity and practical approach to programming help me get to the core of what the customer needs and what the software solution should do.”

Alin Burtumac


CEO of FIT Software and Senior Software Architect with 20+ years of experience

He has delivered excellent results for all his customers and maintained decade long contracts through quality work and the ability to deliver efficient solutions to complex problems.

“My experience as a Senior Software Architect, as well as a proper mindset, has lead me to develop the right skills needed for properly handling the entire software creation process.”

Iulia and Alin collaborated for many years, in advance of starting FIT Software, on several important projects. You can either view information regarding projects from the founders’ previous experience or simply contact us for more information.


The result of our work is our most valuable asset. Having our clients using the products we created and helping them develop these products further gives us the satisfaction for our good work that no words can replace.
Silvania Worsted Spinning
Technology stack used:
  • .NET Framework and .NET Core:
    • C#
    • WPF
    • Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core
    • MVC, MVC Core
  • CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Microsoft SQL Server:
    • Reporting Services
Wigersma & Sikkema
Technology stack used:
  • .NET Framework:
    • C#
  • Access, VBA
Technology stack used:
  • .NET Core:
    • C#
    • Entity Framework Core
    • MVC Core
  • CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, Ionic
  • Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite
TNT Brothers
Technology stack used:
  • Python, Django
  • CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Knockout
  • MySQL