Developing a web application enables your users to access it from anywhere, from any device, without needing to install or update it on the devices. This makes it quick and easy to start working with the application.

FIT Software team can help you choose the best technology stack for the application you need to capture, store and process all necessary data and present the results to the user.

We are always keeping in mind the performance, security, timeline, the future development possibilities for the systems we are building. Carefully choosing the best architecture and designing our solutions, the systems we develop are always ready to be enhanced and integrated with other systems.



Although nowadays most mobile related requirements can be achieved by implementing a responsive web application, some specific business needs cannot be met by such implementations.

Our software engineers will present all available development solutions for your requirements, pointing out pros and cons for each technical approach.

During the analysis phase of the product we can help you decide which features to include, which features to be secondary actions and, if the case, which features to remove, or to include only if the device size allows it. When developing mobile products, our team will always take into consideration all important aspects when deciding the scope, starting with usability and finishing with a ready to be used performant product.



Developing desktop software continues to be popular and useful if the features required for the product can be provided only by installing it to a desktop system.

Our team has a lot of experience in building complex desktop systems from scratch, ensuring an effective way of collecting, analyzing and presenting the data, integrating them with other software products.

Regardless of your need to create a new product or modernize and further develop your current product, we can provide valuable insights on how your requirements can be best met and presenting the options considering the timeline and budget.



Every product starts from an idea. In that specific point of time the development of your product started. Our team can help you as you outline and expand that initial idea, covering the entire process that begins with analyzing the purpose, and ends with a refined enterprise product that is ready to be used and fully marketable.

A solid communication between you and our developers is vital in order to allow our team’s experience to reshape the development process and find the most cost-effective solutions for you.

Our development strategy focuses on the client’s needs, the set targets and the core issues that the new software is created to solve.

Your product idea is analyzed from all the necessary angles, our team does the required technical analysis and then presents you with a product frame that contains the recommended timetable and budget.

We take into account your specifications and the main variables of the concept: the cost of the new software, the time elapsed before it is marketable, useful and quality assured. Therefore, we stand by the price agreed upon and guarantee your project will be done on time and within budget.

At any point, we offer a step by step advice, and together we can find the best solution for transforming your ideas and needs into a viable product that will be marketable.

What sets our services apart is our team’s experience both in Product Development and in Business Analysis which work together to create a quality software at a reasonable price.

We are available at any point to answer your questions and to develop a long-term relationship between our companies.

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